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The Tour of Idaho T1

Utah to British Columbia - 1900+ miles of adventure in 13 days. Better than a huckleberry smoothie. 
Tour of Idaho
The Tour of Idaho T3

All the scenery of T1, none of the occasional terror or commitment
Pass Creek
The Tour of Idaho (T4)

Wyoming to Oregon - 500 miles of superb dual sport riding and it even looks like a big old smiley face on a map. What's not to like? 
Indian Mountain Pass
The Mojave Trail

Laughlin, Nevada to Barstow, California - 175 miles.  O beautiful for spacious skies,For amber waves of sand...
Mojave Trail
The Mojave Loop

Laughlin to Baker to Barstow to Baker to Cima to Ivanpah to Laughlin - somebody stop us!
Mojave Loop
The Mojave Road - 2010

Got Sand?
Mojave Road
The Grand Canyon Loop

We head south during winter to avoid the snow.
Big Southern Butte

Ride Idaho! Part 1.
Big Southern Butte
White Cloud Peaks

Ride Idaho! Part 2.
Railroad Ridge
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