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Dunlop GeoMax MX71 Tires

1300-mile Tour of Idaho with elan? No problem.

by Martin Hackworth 

Photos: Martin Hackworth

Dunlop Geomax MX71

Dunlop Geomax MX71 front
     GeoMax MX71 front and rear tires are new hard terrain offerings from Dunlop that replace the venerable D745 and D739. Our initial impression is that the MX71's are just as long wearing as their predecessors but with much better handling characteristics - especially as they wear.

     The first thing you'll notice about a fresh set of MX71's is how well they grip and steer for a hard terrain tire. We spooned a pair MX71's onto our MoJazz Project CRF450X for the Tour of Idaho T1 and were surprised with the crisp handling. We run our MX71's with Bridgestone heavy duty tubes at 16.5 psi front and rear. The favorable initial impression from both ends of the bike grew as the miles piled up and the tires remained compliant and responsive. After over 1000 miles of hard riding the rear tire, though well-shagged, still works. The front is in good enough shape that we are still riding it.

      Right now we'd be hard pressed to think about another tire we'd rather use for the type of riding we do - long, mixed and fast. The handling and durability are tough to beat. These tires have all of the excellent wear characteristics of the tires they replaced (which we really liked) but actually steer, go around corners and have some bodacious grip. 
    With the GeoMax series of tires Dunlop has maintained it's tradition of excellence in motorcycle tires. With the leaps and bounds we've observed during the past decade in motorcycle tires, both on and off road, we can't wait to see what's next.  Dunlop GeoMax MX71 Hard Terrain Tires

Price Paid: $190.00 (pair) - Pocatello Power Sports

The Good: plenty durable
The Rad: great handling for what they are
The Gnarly: can't blame the tires for not going fast

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