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Dunlop D739 Desert AT

by Martin Hackworth 

Photos: Martin Hackworth, Dunlop

D739 AT

    We are big believers in the maxim: "a picture tells a thousand words," so this will be the least verbose review in MoJazz history. We'll let the photo below do most of the talking.

     We've torched nearly every rear dirt bike tire imaginable and formed an opinion of them all. Heretofore we were fans of the IRC Volcano Enduro series because they were 95% as good as anything else and way cheaper. Leave it to Dunlop to blow that paradigm right out of the water.
Well Used D739 AT
     We picked up a Dunny D739 for the Tour of Idaho this year and though it wore reasonably well and had great handling characteristics it was expensive. When I went to the folks at Pocatello Power Sports for a Vegas to Reno tire they told me that the D739 AT was the tire to have in the 120/100 rather than the 110/100. I didn't make the Vegas to Reno race but I did spoon one on for the Brief Tour of Idaho.
     The accompanying photo shows what the 739 A/T looked like after 755 miles of heinous abuse in 24 hours - often at sustained speeds of above 85 mph (16 psi). Though the knobs are worn there is absolutely no chunking and the edges are in great shape considering what they have been through. This tire is probably good for the same trip again. Not only is the wear amazing but the handling characteristics are superb.

     Since my first 739 I've put about a few thousand miles on three of four of 'em. The wear characteristics are superb, handling is great and flat resistance is unparalleled. The only condition in which the 739 does not excel is in extreme hard pack (dirt roads) or pavement where the knobs will chunk quickly at high speeds (we recommend the Dunlop D606 for such circumstances). The 739 isn't cheap, but it is well worth the money.
Dunlop D739 Desert AT Specs:

Price Paid: $89.95 - Pocatello Power Sports
Size Tested: 120/100-18
Rating: The shazz!

Dunlop Motorcycle Tire website

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