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Scotts Steering Stabilizer

by Martin Hackworth 

Photos: Martin Hackworth

Scott Steering Damper

Scotts Steering Damper      Between our farcical attempts at road racing, MXGP racing and desert racing we've had the opportunity to sample a variety of very good go fast stuff. It's the only way that we can maintain any semblance of self-respect really - all in the name of research!  At any rate, along the way we've sampled a variety of steering dampers/stabilizers from Honda (including their excellent HESD electronic damper), Storz, GPR and Scotts. For dirt bikes we are prepared to swear our most solemn oath that the Scotts Steering Stabilizer is simply the last word.

     We've ridden several dirt bikes with different configurations of GPR's V2 stabilizer and liked 'em all
. But having ridden thousands of hard miles with the Scotts stabilizer, the Honda Progressive Steering Damper and the GPR V2 stabilizer we are prepared to render a verdict. Though all three are exceptionally well-built and well-backed by their respective manufacturers, the Scotts Stabilizer is hands down the best unit. As much as it pains us to bid old friends adieu - so long GPR, so long HPSD. We'll always have Paris. 
    When casting about for a replacement for the stock HPSD (Honda Progressive Steering Damper) on our CRF450X we decided to go large. Even after revalving the HPSD wasn't quite what we were looking for (it's a true damper, not a stabilizer) so we replaced it with a Scott's low-mount stabilizer and sub mount kit from Billet Racing Products (DS-SUB Kit B 05-11 Honda CRF 450X)We replaced the stock bars with Renthal 1 1/8' Fat Bars (CR High Bend) and slid a set of Renthal Kevlar grips on for good measure. We are very happy with this setup - which has exceeded our expectations. The Scotts Stabilizer has a much wider range of damping settings than the GPR and when you crank it up you'll notice the resistance - something we didn't with our GPR or HPSD. The independent left and right sweep adjustments are nice for MX racing but something we doubt that we'll ever use. Factory settings were fine for us. The separate high and low speed valving is fantastic and the "free valve" return to center (damping occurs only as the wheel is deflected from straight - no damping as the wheel returns to center) definitely works to keep the bike going straight, just as advertised.   Scotts Damper
Scott's low-mount stabilizer, BRP sub mount kit, Renthal Fat Bars (CR High Bend), Renthal Kevlar grips:

Price Paid: ~ $600 for everything - Pocatello Power Sports

The Good: Everything a stabilizer ought to be.
The Rad: Very sensitive to small adjustments.
The Gnarly: You might have to sell a kidney to afford one.

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       The build quality of both the Scott's stabilizer and BRP sub mount kit are very high and what little experience we've had with Scotts customer service has been very good. Installation was straightforward and took less than an hour for everything. The the fit and finish is impressive.

     After an entire season of MXGP races, desert races, trail riding and general mayhem we are prepared to declare the Scott's unit to be the best. The damping goes from transparent to gorilla in just a few quick clicks of the large adjustment knob (that's easy to use on the fly) and there is a large range of adjustment in between. The Scotts stabilizer works like a champ for everything we've encountered. This looks to be the start of a beautiful friendship.  
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