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GPR V2 Stabilizer (Fatbar Kit)

by Martin Hackworth 

Photos: Martin Hackworth, GPR

GPR V2 stabilizer

GPR stabilizer
     The GPR V2 stabilizer is a highly effective and totally trick under-bar steering damper designed for dirtbikes. Build quality, sensitivity and durability are all meritoriously high. Though the V2 is made for a particular niche, our experience suggests that anyone looking for a steering damper for any dirt or street application ought to take a good hard look at the GPR line. 

     The GPR V2 stabilizer is essentially the same as the well-known V1 stabilizer with the addition of an under-bar mount. It is available in two versions: the standard kit for 7/8" bars which employs the stock triple clamp, and the Pro Kit which comes with a replacement triple clamp for use with fat bars. The Pro Kit raises the bars about an inch over stock mounts (depending on the exact application).

     We've used both V2 kits with a variety of handlebars from ProTaper, Renthal, and TAG on a YZ250F, an XR650R, an XR400R and a KTM EXC530, over four seasons and 10,000+ miles, with great success. Other than one blown seal (quickly repaired by GPR without hassle) our GPR units have functioned flawlessly. We recommend the Pro Kit and Fat Bars for a setup that is mondo plush. 
GPR also manufacturers a V3 stabilizer with a remote adjuster and the newest generation V4 stabilizer. According to Randy Norman at GPR the V4 Low Boy Pro Kit is currently GPR's best seller. 
     All GPR stabilizers and mounts are manufactured in the USA in San Diego, CA. We've found customer service to be excellent. We've used steering dampers from Storz, Ohlins, Scotts as well as the excellent Honda HESD in various circumstances including the dirt, the street and on the racetrack and found that the GPR dampers compare very favorably to the competition.

     The GPR V2 has both high and low speed damping all controlled by the same indicator knob. The knob has eight settings and turns through 360 degrees in either direction. All GPR stabilizers employ a "sweep brake" that releases the damper when the steering column is more that 15 degrees to the left or right of center so there is no damping at full lock.
     Our GPR V2 excels in several important areas: the repositioning of the handlebars is completely to our liking, the sensitivity of the damper to different settings is discernible, it's rugged, durable and maintenance free. Our only nit is that at maximum settings the damping is not as high as we'd like.

     Since the V2 is on the verge of being replaced by the V4 we anticipate seeing V2's available at bargain prices very soon.

     Do you need a steering damper? That depends. We'd estimate that 99% of the street riders of our acquaintance do not. Venturing onto a road-racing track changes that estimation quite a bit. If you ride aggressively in the dirt or possess a dirtbike capable of speeds above 60 mph you are an excellent candidate for head shake and it's nefarious stepchild, the tank-slapper. One thing is for sure - having a damper never hurt anyone (except for the owee in your wallet). If you decide to pull the trigger and lay down something north of 5 bills for damping bliss, a unit from GPR definitely merits consideration.      
GPR stabilizer
GPR stabilizer GPR V2 Steering Damper Fatbar Kit:

Price Paid: $495.00 - Pocatello Power Sports

The Good: Supported by excellent customer service
The Rad: Never seems overly obtrusive
The Gnarly: Never seems overly obtrusive

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