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Fly Racing Formula MX Clash Helmet

by Martin Hackworth 

Photos: Megan Broyles, Fly Racing

Fly Racing Formula MX Clash

FLY Racing Formula MX Clash
     The Fly Racing Formula Scramble MX Helmet, which we reviewed a little over a year ago, has been supplanted in the FLY catalog by the Formula MX Clash Helmet - which looks to us to be essentially the same lid with different graphics and updated certification. We really liked our Formula MX Scramble helmet, so when it was time for a new tighter-fit lid for racing we went back to our friends at Pocatello Power Sports and anted up for the newer model.

     The new Fly Racing Formula MX Clash is Snell M2010, DOT and CE approved. Its outside consists of a high-tech and light carbon fiber/Kevlar
® composite shell. The multi port air induction system has been carried over sans the trick (but unnecessary) little scoops under the visor. Inside the cushioning is dual density EPS and the liner is tres plush DRI-LEX® that is easy to remove and washable. Fit is excellent courtesy of the plush cheek pads. Rivets, rings and screws are titanium. A spare visor and helmet bag are provided. The only significant difference we found between the new kit and the old was that the helmet bag shrank a little. The new one takes a bit of effort to get the helmet into.

    The ventilation in the Formula MX Clash is very effective. Fifteen, count 'em, fifteen vents keep the cool air flowing and the helmet is supplied with a system of vent plugs for use in cool weather.

     It all works. The Clash is light and very comfortable. We've ridden with ours through the desert on blistering hot days and in the mountains when it was cold and wet with no complaints. Superior marks go to the Formula MX for all comfort and ventilation related issues.

     Plush is exactly what you'd expect for a $400 MSRP lid. As long as the Formula MX Clash fits your head shape it's just that even with an appropriately tight fit for racing. Everything that needs to be washed to keep the happy meter in the green comes out easily and cleans up without any undue hassle.

     We enthusiastically recommend the Fly Racing Formula Clash MX Helmet. It's a good value in a premium helmet and all that goes with it: superior fit, functionality, comfort and ventilation. We have an entire wall full of helmets from Arai, Shoei, AGV, Scorpion, HJC, Fox, and others in every price range imaginable. For riding in the dirt this helmet is as good as any of them. We feel that it's well worth the MSRP of $399.95.
Fly Racing Formula Scramble MX Helmet:

Price Paid: $360.00 - Pocatello Power Sports

Colors: "clash" schemes in red/yellow, red/white, black/white, blue/white

Ships with: vent plugs, spare visor, helmet bag

Rating: 4.5/5.0 noggins

Fly Racing Formula MX Helmet  website

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