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RAM Mounting Systems

by Martin Hackworth 

Photos: Martin Hackworth, RAM

Ram Mount

Ram Mount
     We are widely known as the kind of guys who would rather toil in the Sisyphean capacity of fetching dictionaries for Carrie Prejean than part with hard-earned cash - especially in exchange for camera/gps/radar detector/cellphone mounts that we are capable of fabricating in our man shop (necessity is the mother of invention and all that). We've done it too (aluminum ski poles and wire-feed welders are wonderful things). But once we got our hands on our first RAM Mount we quickly realized our hubris and went back to using the man shop for TIG welding washers together to create tasteful yet inexpensive friendship rings for our girlfriends.

     Ram Mounts are custom, affordable, durable, versatile and the epitome of secure. There is a RAM Mounting system for virtually anything you'd like mounted anywhere on any motorcycle (or on about any surface imaginable for that matter). The basic interchangeable 3-piece design for most motorcycle applications employs a ball joint, a positioning arm (these come in multiple lengths), and a cradle. All of the hard parts are made of powder coated marine grade aluminum (the finish is extremely tough). The heft of the mounts and the rubber ball joints quell some vibration - a nice feature. Each mount has a wide range of adjustability and it's very easy to position your device exactly where you need it. The cradles are stout enough that the only way to get your device more securely attached to your motorcycle would be to weld it on. 
    We use RAM Mounts for our GPS units and video cameras and are spectacularly impressed with them. After more than a few high-speed get offs we've yet to lose anything. For the money you simply cannot beat the versatility and security of the Ram Mounting System.

     The only less than stellar thing about the RAM Mounting system is acquiring one. Ram sells their products through a wonky dealer network that, to us, makes no sense. The odds that you'll find a RAM Mount at a motorcycle shop (or at well-known consumer web sites) is low. Instead you have to order through places like Fred's Windup Airplane Discount Store where customer service is non-existent. Fortunately a quick visit to the RAM website will generally yield a kit number that makes the process less painful than it would otherwise be. 
RAM Mounting Systems

Price: varies depending on application but around $30 - $50

The Good: Great hardware
The Rad: Won't rattle loose
The Gnarly: How about getting a real dealer network?

RAM website

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