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KLIM Arsenal Vest

There's even a place for your 10mm! 

by Martin Hackworth

Photos: Brian DiLenge, KLIM

KLIM Arsenal
Photo: Brian DiLenge

The KLIM Arsenal vest is a hybrid vest/backpack that is similar to offerings from OGIO and Troy Lee Designs. The advantages to this type of setup over a conventional backpack for riding are load distribution and convenience. The disadvantage is space. But for single-day outings I've found the KLIM Arsenal to be just the ticket.

The KLIM Arsenal is fully adjustable with a plethora of shoulder, side and center straps. It's simple to dial in a custom fit. It has some light padding in the shoulder area and features no less than eight compartments - including one with a pistol holder - along with a removable tool pack and a well-made 3-liter hydration bladder. It's got an attachment for a beacon and places for everything that you need where you'd like to have them. I have no problem carrying a full day's supply of water and food along with a handsaw, beacon, cellphone, bear spray, spare jacket, small first aid kit and other supplies in mine.

The most commendable feature of the KLIM Arsenal, and the thing that sets it apart from it's competition, is the use of mesh throughout the vest. I've ridden with vests ever since they became available about 10 years ago. As much as I like them for convenience they tend to be uncomfortably hot to wear in warm weather. The KLIM Arsenal is an order of magnitude better on this account because of the enhanced airflow allowed by the liberal use of mesh in the parts of the vest that don't need to be solid fabric. For riding in really hot weather the Desert Tan is about 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in direct sunlight according to my infrared thermomenter.

My only complaint about the Arsenal is that the main back pocket could be a bit larger (something I believe that KLIM is working on). In the meantime I have no problem wearing a KLIM Krew Pak over my Arsenal when I need more storage capacity for longer sorties.

The KLIM Arsenal is available for $189.99. KLIM provided me with an Arsenal for this review.
KLIM Arsenal
KLIM Arsenal Camo front
KLIM Arsenal
KLIM Arsenal Camo rear
KLIM Arsenal
KLIM Arsenal Desert Tan
KLIM Arsenal Vest

MSRP: $189.99

The Good: Cool-o
The Rad: A gun holster!
The Gnarly:  More room please?

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