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Doubletake Mirrors


by Martin Hackworth

Photos: Martin Hackworth

Doubletake Enduro
Doubletake Enduro Mirror

Dakar competitor Ned Suesse is a smart man. A few years ago on a mountain bike ride in Colorado I asked him how he managed his insanely heavy when full of fuel Dakar bike. He told me that he didn't think about racing Dakar, that instead he just rode as fast as he could without falling off. That's what it takes to cross the finish line and accomplish something that very few riders can claim.

Post Dakar Ned has branched out into several successful careers - including a bit of entrepreneurship with Doubletake Mirrors. And before we go any further we'll just do the reveal - Doubletake Mirrors are the best off-road and adventure bike mirrors there are. G.O.A.T.

This particular review is on two mirrors that I think will be of most interest to trail riders and those on  light dual sport bikes, the Doubletake Enduro Mirror and the Trail Mirror.

The Enduro mirror is a completely street legal mirror with great optics, great field of view, great scratch and shatter resistance. It comes in a kit that is easy to mount and completely bulletproof. I've done several runs of the Tour of Idaho with the same DT Enduro and it's survived getoffs that have destroyed even the rear subframe of the motorcycle to which it's mounted. . 

The Trail mirror is a minimalist piece that uses a handlebar mount secured with a zip tie.
The optics are just as good as those of the Enduro and the field of view is even greater due to a convex surface. Just as with the Enduro I've yet to succeed in breaking one of these.
Doubletake Trail
Doubletake Trail Mirror
As great of a job as Ned did designing the Trail mirror specifically for trail bikes, he may have also come up with the greatest bicycle mirror of all time. Bicycle specific mirrors often cost twice as much for half the quality and in my opinion you'd be crazy to buy anything else for your mountain bike. I give these to my mountain biking friends all of the time just to force them to admit that a moto product is pretty cool. So far no one has given one back. 
DoubleTake Mirrors

MSRP: $25.00 for each mirror. The Enduro mirror requires a mounting kit that runs another $20 or so.

The Good: They're great. No need to look anywhere else for a mirror.
The Rad: Some serious optics
The Gnarly: Bears are closer than they appear in the Trail mirror

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