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Acerbis Rally Pro Hand Guards
Acerbis Skid Plate

by Martin Hackworth

Photos: Martin Hackworth

Acerbis Plastic

Acerbis Plastic       We are big fans of Acerbis plastic. Acerbis products are generally durable enough to take a major beating with minimal damage. We've abused an Acerbis Sahara tank and an Acerbis 4.75 gallon tank over the course of many hard miles - bouncing them off of rocks and trees and grinding them into gravel and dirt - without as much as a single serious cosmetic blem.

     When we uncrated our CRF450X a few months ago we didn't even bother to roll it off the rack before binning the stock bash guard and engine case covers (three pieces on a 450X) and replacing them with a plastic unit from Acerbis. We've used both metal and plastic skid plates/bash guards over the years and are convinced that plastic is the thing for serious bashing around in rocks because it doesn't corrode, discolor or bend after the first major impact. Unlike many plastic guards the Acerbis plastic is both thick and relatively light weight - rendering it both sturdy and relatively unobtrusive. It replaces all three pieces of the 450X stock bash guard and provides coverage and protection that is at least as good as the stock piece. It's also fairly slippery and slides easily over rocks and logs.

     It is necessary to remove the bash guard in order to change engine oil but this involves two easily accessible bolts and takes about 30 seconds. Fitment is close and precise (to keep the radiator overflow bottle from rattling around in the frame spars) but it still accommodates our aftermarket Jagg Oil Cooler filter adapter with ease.

     The Acerbis Rally Pro hand guards on our CRF450X are the third pair we've owned 
Although the plastic is not replaceable the cost is much less than for units with
replaceable plastic. We like the low profile and light weight of the Rally Pro's and they've saved our expensive ARC brake lever and Works Connection Elite clutch perch many times. The plastic is sized and shaped to deflect limbs, sagebrush and a lot of air without looking like a set of elephant ears on the ends of the handlebars. We trashed one pair of Rally Pro's when we launched a bike off the side of a narrow single-track into a steep scree field and though the hand guards were shredded (along with most of the plastic on the bike) the levers were unscathed. That's good enough for us.  

Acerbis Skid Plate. Polypropylene Plastic - Price Paid: $79.00 - Pocatello Power Sports.

Acerbis Rally Pro Hand Guards
Nylon/Aluminum for 7/8" handlebars - Price Paid: $70.00 -
 Pocatello Power Sports.

The Good: Acerbis plastics are high quality.
The Rad: Customer service is great.
The Gnarly: Just one word, plastics...

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