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Troy Lee Designs "Shock Doctor" 5955 Chest Protector

By JR Hackworth

Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin...

Photos: Martin Hackworth, TLD

shock doctor

TLD 5955

     Convincing my dad to spend $200 on a chest protector takes a lot: it's got to be a cool piece of equipment that integrates with a neck brace, is light in weight, has proper ventilation, unrestricted movement, exceptional comfort, superior adjustability and is something that provides an extreme level of protection - just for starters. Two hundred dollars, after all, takes care of an awful lot of trips to Game Stop for Halo 4! 

     I was walking through Pocatello Power Sports one day and saw a good piece of chest armor, the Troy Lee Designs 5955 Chest Protector, and thought to myself, "I've only had one chest protector my whole life." So I thought it was about time for a new one. I asked my dad what I could do to earn some money and he said "Get good grades in school." I said "OK," and a few weeks later I got all "A's" so we went back to PPS and bought it. I tried my "Shock Doctor" out at American Falls and I simply loved it. It is light, flexible and tough. It is my favorite piece of armor.

     One of the things I have noticed most about the TLD 5955 "Shock Doctor" chest protector is that it is very light. It's also easy to get in and out of and very comfortable due to a lot of adjustments that you can make to get it to fit just right. It's protected me from everything from my dad's roost (a lot of that) to a high side out in the dunes. And it looks very cool in black and red with exotic armor design. It reminds me of something that the Spartans from HALO would wear. I always ride better if I know that I look really good out there. 

     Although the TLD 5955 is spendy at $200, it's worth the money in my opinion. Of course it was Dad's money, but I worked hard for those "A's" (Yes Dad, I said that!). So if you can get it you should. 


TLD Bodyguard 5955 Shock Doctor Chest Protector

Shock Doctor tech

Neck brace integration
VENT-TRAK ventilation
Low-profile and bulk
Hinged chest design maintains fit and proper protection in a crash
Covers chest, ribs, back, clavicle, shoulders and upper arms

The Good: It looks really cool.
The Rad: Can take a hardy hit.
The Gnarly: I'm glad that Dad appreciates good grades.

Price Paid: $199.99, Pocatello Power Sports

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TLD 5955
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