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MSR Rockstar Combo

Party like a Rockstar.

by Martin Hackworth

Photos: Martin Hackworth, MSR

MSR Rockstar

msr rockstar      The 2011 MSR Rockstar Combo is practical flash. If you are an actual Rockstar beverage addict, like me, it's nice to know that you can provide a well-to-do company that needs attention, about like Osama Bin Laden needs more salt water, free advertising that is at least practical. That does it for me anyway. More, I've always liked MSR over the boot pants because they are comfortable, versatile and durable. The Rockstar OTB Pant is no exception. 

     I am a big fan of over the boot riding pants for many reasons - the biggest being that over the boot pants generally cost about $350+ dollars less than boots they cover (and keep rocks, dirt and water out of). In addition over the boot pants tend to be easier to vent on warm days and, when worn over a base layer, work exceptionally well in cold weather. When equipped with zip off legs, OTB's are versatile enough to wear after the day's riding is done. OTB's are easy to work over two piece knee guards without any binding or twisting. If you buy them loose, like I do, OTB's will even go on over Dickies shorts! If you end up wearing your OTB's around off your bike you don't look like a knickerbocker-wearing dandy when you slide into the 7-Eleven for a soda pop on your way home.

     The quality of materials used in all MSR gear is very high and the sewing is first rate. Fit is true to size (for athletic builds anyway). The materials used throughout are reasonably breathable and fairly resistant to abrasion. The spun-poly jersey features a generous raglan cut, lots of Lycra in the neck and cuffs and and is cut extra long.
The SN 4454 nylon/600D poly oxford pant features an inner mesh liner, zip off lower legs, expandable (huge) cargo pockets, zip leg cuffs, ratchet-style adjustable waist and a full grain leather right knee. The liner is very plush and comfortable without adding bulk. A particularly commendable feature of the pant is the leather pipe guard on the right knee and lower leg which protects the pant (at least partially) from hot exhaust bits.

     The MSR Rockstar combo is a fixture in MSR's catalog. The pant goes for around $130 and the jersey for around $35. A matching set of gloves and a helmet are also available. 
MSR Rockstar Combo Specs:

Price Paid: $160.00 - Pocatello Power Sports
Colors: Grey/Yellow/Black

The Good: Quality flash
The Rad: You'll look sponsored
The Gnarly: Everyone will wonder why you are slow

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