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Fly Racing Patrol Pant

Cool togs for your offroad scoot.

by Martin Hackworth

Photos: Martin Hackworth, Dan Colvin, Fly Racing

Fly Patrol

Fly Patrol
     The Fly Racing Patrol Pant has got to be a contender for the single best value in moto apparel - extant. The Patrol Pant is a feature rich garment that is functional, versatile and built like an anvil - but with killa looks. Attired in a set of these togs you are virtually guaranteed to score at the local coffee/hottie orchard.

     I am a big fan of over the boot riding pants for many reasons - the biggest being that over the boot pants generally cost me about $350+ dollars less than the SIDI Crossfire SRS Boots they cover (and keep rocks, dirt and water out of). In addition over the boot pants tend to be easier to vent on warm days and when worn over a base layer work exceptionally well in cold weather. When equipped with zip off legs they are versatile enough to wear after the day's riding is done. Over the boot pants easily work over two piece knee guards without any binding or twisting. And, frankly, you don't look like a knickerbocker-wearing dandy when you jog into the 7 - Eleven for a soda pop on your way home from a ride. Metrosexual-R-not-us.

     The most amazing thing about the Fly Patrol Pant is, frankly, the price. Seldom, if ever, have we at MoJazz encountered such a value. The quality of materials used appears to be very high and the construction is first rate. Fit is very true to size (for athletic builds). Belt loops are included in needed but I have never had any problem with the snap button and Velcro waist closure system. The materials used throughout appear to be reasonably water resistant and breathable. The liner is very comfortable yet adds little bulk or resistance to easy movement. A particularly commendable feature of this pant is the flare of the lower legs which easily allows the pant to be slipped on over boots. Once on, this flare may easily be gathered in by Velcro fasteners. Nice. 

     The Patrol Pant is new in Fly Racing's 2009 catalog. They are available all over the web at around $90 dollars.     
Fly Racing Patrol Pant Specs:

Price Paid: $85.00 - Pocatello Power Sports
Colors: Grey/Black
Features: Inner mesh liner, zip off lower legs, expandable (huge) cargo pockets, zip leg cuffs, adjustable waist, mega secure waist closure
Material: 900D Poly throughout with 1680D knee panels and 1000D panels in the derriere. 

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Fly Patrol
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