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Fly Racing
Formula Scramble MX Helmet

by Martin Hackworth 

Photos: Martin Hackworth, Fly Racing

Formula Scramble Helmet

Fly Racing Formula Scramble
     The Fly Racing Formula Scramble MX Helmet, which only recently debuted in the Fly Racing Line, has already been supplanted in the FLY online catalog by the Formula MX Helmet - which looks to us to be essentially the same lid with different graphics. This means that you have an opportunity to grab a premium off road helmet at closeout prices while they last.

     The Formula MX is festooned with convenience features, tech goodies and num nums such as fiberglass/Kevlar/carbon fiber construction, a comfort air liner (that is effective), air vent plugs, a spare visor and a snazzy bag to tote it all around in.

     The Formula Scramble MX is DOT, SNELL and CE approved. It features a tri-vent goggle anti-fog system that flows air down through your goggles to keep them fog free, dual density EPS liner for progressive impact absorption, a washable quick-release comfort liner (perforated for superior ventilation), molded cheek pads, a rubber nose guard and titanium hardware.
    The ventilation in the Formula MX is very effective - indeed it is bristling with intake and exhaust vents. We've ridden with ours through the desert on blistering hot days with no complaints. The tri vent goggle anti-fog system seems to be pretty effective when it is wet or misty as well. Superior marks go to the Formula MX for all ventilation related issues.

     Comfort is exactly what you'd expect for a $400 MSRP lid. As long as the Formula MX fits your head shape it's plush and comfy even with an appropriately tight fit. Everything that needs to be washed to keep the happy meter in the green comes out easily and cleans up just fine.

     We enthusiastically recommend the Fly Racing Formula Scramble MX Helmet. It's a good value in a premium helmet and all that goes with it: superior fit, functionality, comfort and ventilation. We feel that it's worth the MSRP of $399 and an absolute steal for the fire sale prices we are seeing on the web. 
Fly Racing Formula Scramble MX Helmet:

Price Paid: $359.00 - Pocatello Power Sports
(about $300 at various stores on the web)

Colors: predominantly red, black, blue

Ships with: vent plugs, spare visor, helmet bag

The Good: Fits well for the price
The Rad: Quick release pads
The Gnarly: Dizzying graphics

Fly Racing Formula MX Helmet website, Fly Racing Formula Clash MX Helmet (newer model)

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