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MoJazz @ 7


How time flies. MoJazz turns seven this week. MotorcycleJazz.com was launched on January 14, 2008 (a day that will live in infamy) but wasn't completely public until the 19th of January 2008. I want to acknowledge all of you for your support. In our first seven years we've attracted roughly a half a million visitors from more than 120 countries around the world. It continues to be some ride. 

There were four, count 'em, four finalists for 2014 Rider of the Year, which is just awesome. Mike Powell, Ben York, Matt Garrett, and Shane Johnson all made the cut through various Tour of Idaho related adventures. Though all were more than deserving, the winner is Shane Johnson. In addition to being a 2013 T1 finisher, Shane has contributed, over and over, to the gargantuan effort that is getting the Tour of Idaho ready each year. He's a great rider and a better human being. Congrats Shane! For his efforts, Shane earned a KLIM gear bag, some MoJazz swag and our gratitude. Thanks Shane.  

The Product of the Year for 2014 is the Trail Tech Cooling fan. This one is always tough, but the TT fan was the strongest of many worthy contenders during 2014.
The Tour of Idaho continues to be a major focus of MotorcycleJazz.com. For the 2014 Tour, we picked up our first major sponsor, KLIM. The folks there donated a Traverse jacket and pant to the winner of our 2014 T1 finishers draw - Shawn Black. Thanks to everyone at KLIM who made this possible. And thank you Shawn Black, for giving our little adventure a go.

The folks at KLIM, located right here in Eastern Idaho, have been wonderful to work with on not only the Tour but lots of other exciting projects as well. We look forward to seeing what the future brings. Stay tuned.

The Jimmy Stocker award for 2014 goes to Mike Powell - who rode the bulk of T1 on a kick start motorcycle with a broken ankle. That's genuine hard man stuff. This award comes with a little swag and massive respect.
Trail Tech Fan
Tour of Idaho MoJazz had dipped its toe into the world of web commerce this year with our MoJazz Store. The proceeds of all merch sold through the store go directly to support the Tour of Idaho. We are getting better and better deals on some of these items as time goes by which should enable us to sell at more competitive prices. The purpose here is not to move lots of merchandise, however, it's to raise money for the Tour though something other than straight up donations. Thanks to all of you who supported us by donating to the site or by purchasing items through the store. Every nickel helps.

So here's to another year of great rides, great fun and great stories. Say hello on the forum, on our Facebook Page or on YouTube when you have time. We'll see you out there roadracing, MXGP racing, at hound and hare scrambles, at King of the Motos, on the Tour of Idaho, in the Mojave or somewhere else.

Have a wheelie nice year.

Martin Hackworth

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