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MoJazz @ 5 bsb

Hello Friends,

MoJazz turns five this week. MotorcycleJazz.com was launched on January 14, 2008 (a day that will live in infamy) but wasn't completely public until the 19th of January 2008. I want to acknowledge all of you for your support. In our first five years we've attracted over a half a million visitors from more than 120 countries around the world. It's some ride. 

I particularly want to thank my friend and riding partner Daniel Colvin for his help with MoJazz; the Coyotes Motorcycle Club: Jason Smoot, Jason Weeks, David Niehans, Kelly Fisher and Scotty Fisher; MoJazz contributors Steven Verschoor, Megan Broyles, Mookie Melehes, Jake Kopplow, Dustin McNulty, JR Hackworth and Alfonse Palamia. The pay still sucks but we are, as always, sure having fun. 

For the second time we are marking our anniversary with year end awards. Also, for the second year in a row, a complete lack of discipline has transformed our modest salute to people who rock into a sock-cannon whoop-up-a-thon. It's OK with us. We like people who rock.  

Nathan McMasters, Jimmy Stocker and Blake Christensen (T1 jerseys #8, #6 and #7) were all finalists for person of the year. Their efforts on the Tour of Idaho define what the Tour is all about. In the end it literally came down to drawing a name out of a hat. Blake Christensen, the second annual MoJazz person of the year, earned his way into this esteemed group of people by becoming the first individual to complete the Tour of Idaho Challenge on a two-stroke motorcycle - collecting well more than the requisite number of challenge points required to become an official Tour alumnus. Blake did this while he and his T1 riding partner, Nathan, dodged numerous large fires and contended with a plethora of difficult mechanical issues. As far as we are concerned, their adventure exemplifies what the Tour of Idaho is supposed to be. You want to know what tough is all about? Look up "hard corps hombres" in the urban dictionary and it's Nate, Jimmy and Blake waving at you in the picture.

For his efforts Blake earns this shout and some swag that we'll hook him up with later. Congratulations, brother! And a big old shout to Jimmy and Nathan as well.  
Jimmy Lewis is one bad dude. I'm talking way, way bad. Muy malo. Lewis is a racer and an educator and a plain upstanding guy with levels of skill and knowledge and energy that are either astounding or incredible, whichever you think is better. Lewis needs an entire storage unit to lay out the hardware he's earned at Baja, Dakar, the ISDE and about every place else he's put down a track. If you look up "bad" in the urban dictionary, Lewis is in the front row all by himself. Honest and no lie. You want some? Go see Jimmy Lewis. We did, and that's why Jimmy Lewis Off-Road is our recommendation for the best thing you should plan on in 2013. JLO is the best educational time I've ever spent in the dirt. Some of the most fun as well. This school will make you a better rider in two days, guaranteed.  Jimmy Lewis
KLIM F4 Our product of the year was easy. It is, flat out, the KLIM F4 helmet. Light, comfortable, and incredibly well-ventilated - the F4 is the best dirt helmet I've ever used. After several months and thousands of miles of use my F4 has not budged a millimeter in use on my head since I first put it on. The fit hasn't changed and the liner still feels exactly the same as it did out of the box. It's held up to several low-speed get offs and one exciting cruise-missile like flight that ended with a header into a creek (it acts as if it might double as a personal flotation device in this circumstance). It's been dropped, muddied, soaked in sweat and immersed in water without any visible signs of stress or wear. I even slept in it one cold night, while bivied under my bike, and it made an acceptable pillow. During this year's Tour of Idaho I encountered triple digit temperatures for significant portions of the first two days and the F4 was huge in dealing with the heat. With the Wind Stopper liner, the F4 also functions excpetionally well as a four season helmet by keeping your head from sweating when it's really cold.

     Virtually everyone we've had the opportunity to show one of these to wants one. The F4 is flat out the most ventilated helmet out there. It's also reasonably light, very protective and KLIM spec, which is to say, designed and built by people who actually use it. KLIM needs to put the boots to its reps and get these on more heads. To wear one is to want one.

So here's to another year of great rides, great fun and great stories. Say hey on the forum, on our Facebook Page or on YouTube when you have time. We'll see you out there roadracing, ripping it up MXGP racing, doing hound and hare scrambles, on the Tour of Idaho, in the Mojave or somewhere else. Stay tuned on the forum for info on our Tour of Idaho open rides this summer. Also, if you have any spare change, please be sure to donate to the Brad Allen Scholarship fund (even a few bucks helps).

Have a wheelie nice year.

Martin Hackworth

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