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Hello Friends,

As of this week MoJazz is one year old. MotorcycleJazz.com was launched on January 14, 2008 (a day that will live in infamy) but wasn't public until the 19th of January - a year ago tomorrow. I really want to acknowledge each of you for your support during our first year. I can think of a lot of fancy things to say but the best is simply thank you.

In our first year we attracted over 10,000 unique visitors from over 100 countries around the world. Our most viewed stories were the Tour of Idaho, our review of the Aprilia RXV450, the Mojave Trail, our review of the OGIO Flight Vest, and our Primer on Motorcycle Physics which came respectably close to being our most-viewed feature of the year in spite of coming online in December. MotorcycleJazz.com is in or very near the top ten of most relevant search engine rankings. We receive a ton of referrals from Google, Idaho Trail Riders, Myspace, Facebook, Advrider and DixieDualSport.

I particularly want to thank my friend and riding partner Daniel Colvin for his help with MoJazz. Also Steven Verschoor, Alfonse Palamia, DeLacey Melehes and Tim Rhodes - all MoJazz contributors. The pay sucks but we are sure having fun.

The one thing that I'd like to see is for the blog to pick up but that will happen over the course of time. The great thing about you, the MoJazz faithful, is your intelligence. I have never had to remove a comment from our blog - never! I read most motorcycle web sites and cringe at the posing, preening and pissing (the latter often putting me in a mind to visit some web denizens à la Jay and Silent Bob). But MoJazz readers are smart, funny and understand our wise-ass take no prisoners but serious when appropriate take on the world of motorcycling. Perhaps the greatest complement that I can personally bestow on anyone is that I believe that they possess the ability to appreciate subtly. MoJazz readers have that ability in spades. All of you "get it." 

I have dreamed of running my own ezine ever since the days I was a senior editor at Motorcycle.com. I learned a lot there about motojournalism from some really smart people there - most importantly perhaps, the value of having fun with it. I will never forget the good times I had working down in LA with the Motorcycle.com family. I remember one night, in particular, riding back to Torrance from Buttonwillow Raceway after a literbike test on bikes that there was no room for in the transporter (a Honda CBR1000RR, an Aprilia Mille, and a Triumph Daytona 955) tired as hell after a full day on the track lanesplitting down the 405 at around midnight. I will never forget how much fun that was. 

I am a professional fun hog and have been my whole life. I have always had fun with motorcycles and I hope that I always do. Even when I am walking way out of someplace remote in the rain because my dirtbike is out of gas I am still having fun. One day you are going to be dead a long time and I have no intention of wasting any of my time above ground whining when we live in a world where the skies are blue, women are beautiful and motorcycles go really fast. I am, coincidentally, the luckiest person that I know. I have the world's greatest son (who likes bikes as much as I do), my day job is the shazz, I live in paradise, I have a shop full of motorcycles and I get to hang out with the likes of MoJazz staff and friends. It's all very groovy.

So here's to another year of great rides, great fun and great stories. Say hey on the blog when you have time. We'll see you out there. Have a wheelie nice year.

Martin Hackworth

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